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Your Mind Health Matters

Regardless of what you’ve tried in the past to live a more rewarding life, here’s the perfect place to start and it won’t cost you a cent.
Do you struggle to give yourself a break?
Is self-love and self-care foreign ideas to you?
Have you tried different ways to feel better, all to no avail?
Do you long for deeper more connected relationships?
Is there something missing, keeping you from true happiness?
If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, download the set of three Plenish Pointers, for guidance & inspiration. Start your quest for better mind health today.
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Mind Health Conditions

Anxiety (including panic attacks)

Nearly everybody experiences anxiety now and again. We can all relate to that awful pit in your stomach when you feel so tense that the idea relaxing seems impossible. 
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Thankfully, by employing a change in thinking along with a shift in how you approach each day, stress can melt away. 
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At some point in everybody’s life we inevitably hit periods of feeling down. It’s a natural and somewhat avoidable aspect of being human. 
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Grief/ Trauma/ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

During periods of exceptional hardship we often feel most alone. It can be a time when it’s an effort to reach out and we often feel like loved ones don’t understand.
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Self esteem

Self esteem
Having a strong sense of who you are is a key indicator of happiness. In other words those who feel good about themselves do better in life, compared to those who have a poor opinion of themselves.
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Relationship Issues (including separation)

Humans are social creatures and thrive on connection. Throughout life, it’s inevitable that we will hit snags along the way when it comes to loved-ones. 
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Christine bagley jones

Hello I'm Christine Bagley-Jones

I'm the Plenish Director
  • I'm a registered Australian Psychologist of  26 years.
  • Being spirited by nature, I can't help but convey my passion regarding mind health.
  • My focus is on maximizing the beautiful opportunities this life holds.
  • I deeply believe that you can choose  and design an existence that matches individual  desires.
  • My open minded and non-judgmental approach allows an environment ripe for deep  discussions and creative thinking.
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Client Review 

I have been attending therapy sessions with Christine for about a year in an attempt to navigate the many mental emotions most of which have been onset due to bipolar disorder. I have been very fortunate to have been allowed to include my wife in these extremely valuable sessions as my problems through partnership become my wife's problems also and Christine gives us the permission to openly discuss these problems head on. Christine has helped us immensely as she has enabled me to incorporate new tools and coping mechanisms to help with the challenges of everyday life. She is personable, witty, heartfelt, and at times really funny. Christine knows her craft and is a highly skilled and respected psychologist known by many in the medical profession. We are extremely grateful for all Christine has done for us and continues to do.
-  Phillip.T, Westend 

What’s your next brave move?

Choose any avenue below to commence the change you desire

Retreats: Live With Growth and Purpose

Be showered with nurturing attention, nourishing meals and uplifting company. Immerse yourself in natural beauty as you discover how to live whole-heartedly with more love, fun, energy, and purpose. Emerge with a fresh outlook and approach.
Book now, pay later via an easy 3 month payment plan
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Plenish Private Counselling

Plenish Private Counselling
Christine offers private counselling for those wishing to address concerns, struggles or coaching in a personal setting. Perfect as a lead up or continuation of the retreats, online courses or simply on their own. Life’s too short to let the past hold you back from a fulfilling future.
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Join The Plenish People Group

plenish group
Join Christine for bi-weekly Facebook Live | Q&A. Take away creative strategies for transforming your mind and health while having fun along the way.
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Mind Health Online Courses

Mind Health Online Courses
Learn new strategies to enhance your quality of life. Discover how to live whole-heartedly with more love, fun, energy, and purpose. Emerge with a fresh outlook and approach.
Book now, pay later via an easy 3 month payment plan
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Have you hit a wall and struggle to find direction and pleasure?

Do you find yourself worrying about everyday hassles like not having enough money or
Learn how to change your thinking, and your approach in order to head toward satisfying
goals. Eliminate future regret by knowing what a good life looks like for you now and nailing it!

Join us for the next Mind Health Online Course "My Finest Life Project"
You will be guided through 8 modules (over 4 months) of immersive personal work while
having plenty of fun along the way.
Limited places available, secure your spot at early bird rates!
Creative Connections

Creative Connections

Discover your true self (including strengths, values, aspirations and preferences)
Find out how to grow into your favourite person
Be free of loneliness by naturally enjoying your own company
Reveal what you are both offering and looking for in quality relationships as you sharpen your 'friend-fit' traits
Deepen bonds with existing loved-ones
Open your heart to reconnect with old friendships
Appreciate family/friends in an entirely new way
Enhance intimate relationships
Learn the art of inviting and maintaining new, lasting connections to share this fine life
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