Would you like to improve your Mental Health and Wellbeing?

Plenish was created to help people live a satisfying life, rich with joy and meaning.

Christine deeply cherish’s her role as a psychologist and realises that by creating retreats, workshops and online courses, in addition to her one-on-one work, clients can fast track their progress to a happier life.


Be showered with nurturing attention, nourishing meals and uplifting company. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the costal hinterland as you discover how to live whole-heartedly with more love, more fun, more energy, more purpose.
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Plenish Private Counselling

Plenish Private Counselling

Private one-on-one counselling is the ideal setting to safely explore the issues in your life that are preventing you from being your happiest, finest self.
Christine offers private counselling for those wishing to address concerns and struggles in a more personal setting. Fantastic as a lead up or continuation of the retreats or simply on their own. Perhaps you’d benefit from coaching to keep on track. Life’s too short to let the past hold you back from a fulfilling future.
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Mind Health Online Course

Make the most of your talents and enjoy happier relationships.
Learn how to change your thinking, and your approach in order to head toward satisfying goals.
Eliminate future regret by knowing what a good life looks like for you now and nailing it!
You will be guided through 8 modules (over 4 months) of immersive personal work while having plenty of fun along the way.
Determine how to set healthy boundaries so that you can thrive within your relationships knowing that everyone's respected and valued.
Generate meaningful relationships.
Identify your character strengths and how to secure them as your super-powers.
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