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Is living the ‘gram life sending you broke?

Oh hello there finance friends, welcome back to another episode of the Finance Burrito! On today’s episode, Tom and Liv are sliding into our wallet’s DMs and to find out whether millennials are living a lifestyle they can’t afford. Liv even sat down with Brisbane psychologist, Christine Bagley-jones to get a deeper understanding of how […]

Am I depressed? – Christine Bagley-Jones

One of the biggest challenges people seem to have when trying to recover from depression is actually discovering if they have depression in the first place. In this busy world where we are constantly pulled in so many directions it’s easy to assume that everybody is operating at a 5 out of 10 in terms […]

Gaming addiction – Exclusive interview with Christine Bagley-Jones

Are you or have a loved one struggling with online gaming. below offers some helpful tips on how to overcome the grips of online gaming. (audio file)

Gap years, working holidays: Have we been sold a lie? – Comments from Christine Bagley-Jones

“There’s a tendency to think everything has paused while you’re away,” Brisbane psychologist Christine Bagley-Jones says. “But when you’re back, there’s that unsettling awareness that everyone has moved on without you.”   Read More Here:

Broken families – can they be mended? – Interview with Christine Bagley-Jones

Mothers who feel abandoned by adult children; Remarried fathers whose children have shut the door; Families whose in-laws cut them off from their children; Siblings who won’t sit in the same room as each other. How does this happen and is there a way back? D&M time with psychologist brisbane Christine Bagley-Jones. Listen Here:
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