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Why flexible working will make you happier and healthier – Interview with Christine Bagley-Jones

Christine Bagley-Jones, psychologist at the Counselling and Wellbeing Centre in Brisbane believes that companies should adopt a system that lets employees choose their own hours. “Some people prefer to work longer hours so they can have more days off, while for others it’s ideal to work strictly within school hours so they can pick up […]

Sex pest scandals will trigger traumas in more women victims, warn psychologists – Comments from Christine Bagley-Jones

Brisbane psychologist Christine Bagley-Jones said the stories would be “very triggering” to women who had been sexually abused or assaulted. “I anticipate we’ll get a spike in people that have experienced some sort of trauma,” she said. “It often does happen that way when there’s something very topical in the media. “It can give people […]

An Instagram user says she is over $5,000 dollars in debt after traveling to the US just to make her followers jealous – exclusive with Christine Bagley-Jones

Brisbane psychologist Christine Bagley-Jones told A Current Affair many Australians who see loved ones or influencers living it up on social media may think spending leads to happiness. She added: “It just is like fast food, not very substantial and nutritious – you’ve gotta keep going back for another hit. “We’re connected all the time and […]

Time for rest, recreation and reflection – Interview with Christine Bagley-Jones

According to local psychologist Christine Bagley-Jones, who was interviewed by the ABC recently, “It’s literally time to reboot.” “Imagine your brain is like a computer and you never log off or do a virus check or clean it up — eventually it’s going to get glitches and it’s not going to perform so well.” Berger […]

Blended families radio talk with Emma Griffiths and Christine Bagley-Jones

Christine Bagley-Jones is a local psychologist who’s chatting to ABC Radio Brisbane Weekends presenter Emma Griffiths about how get off to a good start and smooth the way for a new blended family. Listen Here:


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