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How your pet boosts your mental health written by Rebecca Howden – Interview with Christine Bagley-Jones

“Pets help make us better humans,” says Brisbane psychologist Christine Bagley-Jones. “They are unequivocally good for your mental health. “From the simplest perspective, it’s a relationship, and humans thrive when they’re in good relationships. If you have a healthy, wholesome relationship with an animal, they give you a reason to smile and laugh daily. And […]

6 DAILY HABITS THAT CAN MAKE YOUR ANXIETY WORSE by Larissa Ham – with comments from Christine Bagley-Jones

WHAT ARE THE EFFECTS OF NOT EXERCISING REGULARLY? One reason could be that, “…we want an immediate feeling of wellbeing that exercise may not provide straightaway unless you get into a nice routine”, says psychologist Christine Bagley-Jones. One tip is to start small and exercise with a friend or in a group to stay accountable, […]

The upsides for women when looks inevitably change Rachel Wells – Interview with Christine Bagley-Jones

“When women come to me lamenting that they don’t get ‘looked at’ like they used to, I see this as a really great opportunity to invite them to think about and attend to their other qualities that are even more important than how they look,” says Brisbane-based psychologist Christine Bagley-Jones. She says “encouraging women to […]

Expressive Arts Visioning with Vision Boards Contributed by Douglas Mitchell – interview by Christine Bagley-Jones

Christine Bagley-Jones, a psychologist from Brisbane, sees vision boards as a motivational tool. “It’s not like the vision board itself has some magical properties. But it helps to create a platform for the individual to identify and conceptualize what they most want in life, and through their actions they can then manifest it.”   read […]

How to bring your holiday chill into everyday life By Tegan Taylor -comments By Christine Bagley-Jones

Your brain on holidays We often associate travel with happiness and fulfilment, but Ms Bagley-Jones says it’s not the holiday location that brought you joy. It’s the attitude you had while you were there. “When we’re on holidays, we have a more upbeat mood, we care less about the trivial things in our life, we […]


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