Psychologist, Christine Bagley-Jones offers private counselling for those wishing to address concerns and struggles in a more personal setting.

Christibe Jones
As difficult as it may seem to open up and share some of your deepest thoughts and feelings, I do my utmost to make every client feel comfortable supported and valued.

At no point do I feel inclined to judge a person for their choices. I deeply believe that everybody has the right to live their own life according to their own values and desires.

Plenish Private Counselling

Life’s too short to let the past hold you back from a fulfilling future. Private one-on-one counselling is the perfect setting to safely explore issues that are preventing you from being your happiest most fulfilled self.

I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of people and have been able to assist people with resolving past regrets, improving relationships, identifying and actualising aspirations, while also creating meaning and purpose. I appreciate the need for clarity in order to understand the necessary steps to enhance one’s life.

Clients usually convey to Christine that their time together is not only beneficial but also hugely comforting and enjoyable. She believes this is because of her genuine love of psychology and human nature along with her ability to think outside the square. Her approach is down-to-earth and grounded in the solid research she has gathered over 25 years and continues to build on each week.

Perhaps if you are apprehensive about committing to counselling, just book one session and see how it feels. You may be surprised at how relieving it is to have someone completely in your corner-to feel truly heard and understood.


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