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My Finest Life Retreat

Back by popular demand. This retreat focusses on the teachings of Dr Brené Brown while discovering what your finest life looks like. By the end of the 3-days, you will have a clear picture of how you want to show up in this life and what you want to achieve so that it is rich with meaning and joy. Learn how to nurture strong, loving relationships starting with yourself. This retreat is sure to sell out so book early. The reviews from our last My Finest Life Retreat were abundant with praise and gratitude. The majority of guests said that it was life-changing, giving it a 10/10.

Psychology meets Yoga Retreat

Join us on the annual retreat that marries yoga with psychology, featuring the talents of Dan Adler, qualified yoga instructor of 20 years. Its a privilege to have Dan onboard to share his wisdom on yogic practices gained over many years of owning yoga studios, training yoga instructors and authoring the book – Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. As well as the usual jam-packed program we offer guests on transforming their life, Dan will weave his magic on the mat. No previous yoga experience is required to fully engage and enjoy the simple bliss of stretching and challenging your body. He will also share deep meditations to quieten the mind well as exhilarating breath work. Honestly, the value and benefits of dedicating a weekend to creating harmony between mind and body is worth moving mountains for. And its the only chance the fellas will get to discover how to live with the 5C’s (Clarity, Connection, Creativity, Courage and Celebratory-Living) explained in detail by yours truly. Bring your partner or friend or just fly solo and make life-long friends while you're at it.

This retreat is perfect for anyone seeking a shift both physically and mentally.

Parent/ Child Retreat

What’s the point of having kids if you don’t have a deep and satisfying relationship together?

If the bond with your offspring could do with a reboot, join us on the family- bonding retreat and learn how to make the absolute most of this special tie between parent and child. Research shows that at the end of our life, its the time spent with family that matters most. So check in now and maximise the years of fun and laughter you can share. Don’t live any longer with an average connection, celebrate the best bond now. Learn out to deeply relate to each other and appreciate the unique qualities the union has to offer. Discover how to navigate the inevitable tricky periods with the relationship still fully in tact by using easy to understand communication methods. Let your finest life be generously shared with the ones you love most.

Mother/Daughter Bonding Retreat

Would you enjoy a deeper connection with your daughter, sharing clear, honest communication?

We are excited to bring you a Mother/Daughter Retreat designed to ensure this precious relationship continues to grow stronger with age. This uplifting experience builds a meaningful mother-daughter relationship, by understanding how character strengths, values and focused goals can be best utilised within the family. Creatively learn how to resolve conflict; make plans and delight in old-fashion fun together.

Create healthy self-care rituals as well and learn how to truly appreciate each other’s best attributes.

Together, you’ll laugh as you navigate the curious ties that only a mother and daughter share.

You’ll both will leave the retreat with a fresh awareness of how fortunate it is to have each other. Every relationship unique and deserves to be savoured and not diluted in the confusion of this modern, busy life.

This research-based program is jam-packed with insights and activities to bring you closer, savouring the unique qualities the relationship has to offer. Perfect for daughters/ step daughters from 12 years onwards.

Make new friends with like-minded mums while your daughter also teams up with new pals. Our retreats are known for creating life-long friendships and ongoing support via our private FB group.

Whatever stage your relationship is at, nurture it with uninterrupted love and attention amongst the peaceful setting of the coastal hinterland. 

No need to organise a thing- we do it all so that you can 100% attend to developing an authentic bond that will stand the test of time.

Petite Retreat

Join for a exclusive experience where you embark on the journey of self discovery in a more personalised setting with only a handful of guests. This is your chance to feel safe in an intimate space with just a few like-minded people.

Why not create your own retreat with work colleagues, family, friends or another interest group. Its the perfect way to explore issues that are tailored to specific needs and preferences. You can design a hybrid of any of the above retreats or request a theme unique to your needs.

Just let me know what you are looking for and I will design a weekend away drawing on my 25 years of experience to ensure you achieve the changes you seek.
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Experience the best of Dr Brené Brown’s internationally renowned Daring Way™ research within the restorative setting of a Plenish Mind Health Retreat.

Cushioned within a leafy landscape, teaming with wildlife. You’ll be in great company, as you enjoy nourishing meals lovingly prepared throughout your experience.

The retreat is uniquely designed to help improve your mental health by –

Lifting tired, psychological barriers that have been keeping you stuck.

Equipping you with the awareness and skills to discover what you truly want out of life to ultimately achieve your aspirations.

Our approach is centred around evidence-based practices, within a personalised, relaxed, nurturing atmosphere.

You’ll access the best of everything Christine Bagley-Jones has learned over 25 years as a psychologist and be one of the few Australians fortunate enough to experience the power of Brené Brown’s Daring Way™ Program.

As one of Australia’s few certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, Christine will guide you through the best of this transformative research.

Plenish mind health retreats focus on shame resilience skills and daily practices that shift the way you live.

Christine has explored many clinical approaches. She also has the privilege of sharing her wisdom on radio, television and in print on a weekly basis.

While immersed in a deep state of psychological change, Christine will support you with her unparalleled wellness, nurturing talents.

Soak up the tranquility of nature with nourishing meals, morning yoga stretches, calming tonics and teas and meditative bush walks. Heal, learn, grow and step back into your life with a renewed sense of self and a fresh direction. Step into life ”Plenished”.

You will be guided through 3 days of immersive personal work while having plenty of fun along the way.

Receive a comprehensive book guide about how to live your dreams with clarity, courage, connection and creativity.
Engage in vital psycho-education (understanding how your mind effects your mood and how mental health effects your wellbeing), group exercises and discussions.
Break free of old patterns of negativity, fear and self-criticism.
Discover the art of ‘self-validation’ instead of seeking it from others. That is, finding self-worth that’s internally driven.
Understand yourself, adore yourself, be a better braver version of yourself.
Explore how to get the love you want.


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